2021 Virtual Education Event

1st Virtual Education Event

June 12, 2021
7:00am CST (US and Canada) – 2:30pm CST (US and Canada)

Industry Support

Registration will be free to WSRM members

Education Event Topics:

  • Tips and Tricks for Breast Reconstruction
    • Moderators: Jaume Masia, MD (Spain); Jian Farhadi, MD (UK)
    • Panelists: Liza Wu, MD (USA), Venkat Ramakrishnan, MD (UK); Jin Sup Eom, MD (Korea); Susana Correa, MD (Colombia)
  • Clinical and Personal Challenges for Young Microsurgeons
    • Moderators: Hollie Power, MD (Canada), Hinne Rakhorst, MD (Netherland)
    • Panelists: Hollie Power, MD (Canada); Adrian Ooi, MD (Singapore); Andres Maldanado, MD (Spain/Germany); Betty Kushida, MD (Mexico)
  • Master Video Series
    • Moderators: Greg Evans, MD (USA); Robert Walton, MD (USA)
    • Speakers: Isao Koshima, MD (Japan); Marco Innocenti, MD (Italy); Ron Yu, MD (USA)
  • Microsurgery Practice in Emerging Countries Sharing the Challenges in the Emerging Countries and Finding Ways to Help
    • Moderator: David Chang, MD (USA)
    • Panelists: Abeje Brhanu, MD (Ethiopia); Ajani Abdul, MD (Nigeria); Pedro Ciudad, MD (Peru); Amir Bajracharya, MD (Nepal); Gazi Althubaiti, MD (Saudi Arabia); Trieu Vu Nguyen, MD (Vietnam)
  • WSRM-IMC-JRM Best Case Competition
    • More information to come!